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If you know me you know that I LOVE WordPress for building websites.  Specifically, for its: ease of use, content management system (CMS), popularity, flexibility, and content ownership.

  1. Ease of Use.  WordPress is easy to use and you won’t have to code anything.  The codes are built into the system, themes and plugins.  While it’s helpful to know the basic of html, coding is not necessary for WordPress.
  2. Content Management System.  Because it’s a CMS, you can store folders, files and images which automatically turns into a link that you can share and make downloadable on other platforms such as Facebook and MailChimp.
  3. Popularity.  WordPress  free and an opensource.  It’s been around a long time (since 2003) and there’s a community of people who are willing to assist you with questions and share what they know.  Many well-known brands such as Beyonce, The New Yorker, and Best Buy use WordPress to build their websites.
  4. Flexibility.  Unlike other website platforms, such as Wix, WordPress is flexible in its capabilities and it’s fully customizable with the help of plugins and widgets.  There is a plugin and widget for just about anything you need.  Also, WordPress integrates with a ton of other programs and app such as Google, email marketing systems and social media networks.  Really, the possibility is endless!
  5. Content Ownership.  No need to worry about losing your content because you own it. Just keep a backup copy and you can take it wherever you go. Meaning, if your host shuts down or you change providers restore your backup content with a new host.

If I could explain WordPress in comparison to a car I would say WordPress is the engine while the theme is the body. WordPress makes it possible for your theme to shine.  I love the platform so much that I wrote about it on Oh how I love WordPress!  You can read more on WordPress and find a wealth of information at  Also,, as well as, are both great resources.

About Me

I’m Angela.  I have over a decade of Administrative Support experience.  In May’14, I turn my work skills into a business. My core services are WordPress, social media, email marketing, and funnel setup and management.

P.S.  Get a hold of my free graphic pack here below.


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