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What is a Domain?

Simply put, the domain is your website address. In essence it’s the name of your business or blog with the dot com, me, biz, org, extension. Do a search on Namecheap, Godaddy or your preferred host.  I use Namecheap or Godaddy for mine and client’s domain.

After keying in your preferred domain name and it’s taken, consider changing you name or using a different extension such as biz, me, or org.  Honestly, the extension don’t matter, however most people are accustomed to .com.

Please note the instructions below will walk you through purchasing your domain and host through Hostgator.  

What is a hosting?

Your hosting plan is your cloud server. It’s where all your website files are stored. The hosting makes it possible for visitors to visit and view your site. I suggest you purchase the business plan so you’re able to host unlimited domains on your website. So if you ever need to create another website with different domains or sub-domain you can.

To purchase both services, visit and:

  • Choose start now under HOST.  You will be provided six steps: register domain, hosting plan, billing information, additional services, coupon code and review order details.
  • Pick your domain if you don’t have one and in your case you don’t. Type in the domain name of your choice. I think the average cost is between $5.99-$12.95 ,yearly.
  • Choose host plan (monthly). It will cost you around $16.95, maybe. Please note, you will AUTOMATICALLY be charged every month at the rate of the plan you choose BUT you can change auto-pay later.  Complete your account setup information such as user name and pin.
  • After host plan enter billing information.
  • Then you will be offered additional services.  Un-check those as they are not necessary.
  • Skip over coupon code if you don’t have one.
  • Review order to make sure you’re okay with your choices.
  • Agree to terms and services and click check out where you will provide credit card information.

You’ll receive an email that includes login and c-panel information. Share that information with your website designer so they may get your site online. Your total (est.) cost for domain and hosting shouldn’t cost over $40. If your total before checkout is a lot higher you may have additional services checked. Go back through your line items to make sure additional services isn’t selected.

If you still find purchasing domain and host services challenging, I’ll be happy to do it for you using your credit card information AFTER you sign an authorization form.

Does this make it clearer?

Please let me know if you have questions.

About Me

I’m Angela.  I have over a decade of Administrative Support experience.  In May’14, I turn my work skills into a business. My core services are WordPress, social media, email marketing, and funnel setup and management.

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