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Brand Story

I’m fascinated with brand stories and the intricate details that form them.  Because of my fascination, I put out a request and I couldn’t be prouder of the response.  Next week, here on the ROC blog, I’ll share with you some amazing business owners in my brand story series. Whether you’re a startup, seasoned business owner or a young professional developing your career, I guarantee the individuals in this series will propel you to dream bigger than ever before.

Our brand story lineup includes Mr. Robert Garcia, Mr. Matthew King, Mrs. Brenda Robinson and Mr. Larry Gruenwald. Because of travel and developing engagements within the next week, Mrs. Robinson wasn’t able to complete the interview in its entirety but sends her sincere regrets.  Here brand story will be shorter than the others but just as inspiring.  Maybe we can get Mrs. Robinson on the blog in the near future.

To put you in the mind-frame of brand story and what you will witness next week, think on how your brand began, what it consists of, where it’s going, the meaning behind it all and why it exists.  Maybe, like Oprah, Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Sheryl Sandberg you are the brand.  Still think on the message you’re putting in the world. If your goal is to grow your brand then you don’t want to miss next week.  See you next week.

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